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The southern Black sea coast in Bulgaria to develop history and culture tourism

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1361 Thracian sepulchral mounds and 41 prehistoric settlement mounds are found in Bourgas region. The earliest traces are from the epoch of the Neolith, announced the head of the regional tourism association in Bourgas – Sonya Enilova.

The old town in Nessebar, registered in the UNESCO list is also in the region. Pomorie, on the other hand offers the only working monastery – “St. George” along the southern part of the Black sea in Bulgaria.

Sozopol is architecture, historic town and a tourism reserve with valuable archaeology monuments. What is more the architecture and archeology reserve “Old Sozopol” was announced a town museum in 1974.
Additional research was also held in Primorsko where the Thracian sanctuary “Begliktash” and the Medieval church “St. Paraskeva” are of great importance for the local tourism.

Tsarevo Municial hosts the remains of the megalith culture of the Thracians. The ruins of the antique, medieval fortresses “Urdovia” and “Ahtopolska stena” (wall) can be observed in the region. Ahtopol offers the richest antique and medieval history of all settlements in the Nature Park “Strandzha”.
Numerous findings from Thracian times, the roman epoch and Medieval times can be seen in the town.

Extremely interesting is the unique net of prehistoric dolmens (the villages Belevren, Gorno Yabalkovo, Granichar and etc.), the Thracian sites close to Malko Tarnovo and Mishkova niva, the medieval earth bank Erkesia, which is 120 m long, spread along a trace between the Black sea and the Maritsa river.

The Brashlyan village in the Strandja Mountain was announced an Architectural and history reserve. It consists of 76 houses – architecture monuments of culture, 9 of them are of National significance, 22 ensembles, and the rest of them with local significance, as the church “St. Dimitar” with the cell school and the chapel “St. Pantaleimon”.

The territories of Malko Tarnovo municipal and Tsarevo municipal host the Nature Park “Strandzha” with unique monuments of spiritual and material culture. An important tourism resource are the museums, pointed Enilova. The museums in Bourgas – archaeology, ethnographic, the museum of Natural history and the history museum offer rich expositions of the cultural and history inheritance of Bulgaria. The only Salt Museum in Eastern Europe is situated in Pomorie. Museum exhibitions and museums are offered in all municipal centers and settlements in the region.

Plans for the development of Bourgas region as a cultural – historic tourism destination

The Bourgas Tourism association announced the majour measures that have to be realized:
- Assessment and recommendations for the transformation of the culture monuments in a completed tourism product.
- Assessments and modernization of the museum expositions, to make them more attractive.
- Integrating the culture recourses – culture monuments, museums, festivals, ethnographic complexes and etc. in the tourism supply in the region.
- Education and prequalification of personnel in the field of the culture tourism: representatives, animators, managers and etc.
- Regular marketing researches among tourists and their specific interests, when visiting the sites of culture and history significance.
- Culture – city tours, tours to historical settlements or short trips.
- Developing new products – rural regions and inner sites, incentive tours, ethnography, thematic trips.