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Bourgas News January, 2009


Bourgas Airport plans to invest 35 million Euro in infrastructure

Karl May, general technical director of “Fraport Twinstar Airport Management” JSC announced that the company will invest 35 million Euro in the infrastructure of Bourgas airport this year. The company plans to execute rehabilitation of the electricity net and to build a system for noise observation. The electricity system will be replaced, a monitoring system for the noise level will be installed and new manoeuvring runways will be constructed, says the technical director of the company Karl...

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Discovery of an ancient tower proves the 20 centuries history of Burgas

Archeologists discovered the mythical ancient tower featuring in the coat of arms of the city of Burgas, reports Elena Dimitrova for StandartNews.

The find proved that Bourgas has a history of at least 20 centuries. The sensational news was announced yesterday by Burgas History Museum Director, Tsonia Drajeva and the Standart owner, Todor Batkov who also owns the property where the tower was discovered. Archeologists believe the tower dates back to 3rd century AD and was a part of a...

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